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Here you'll find cases about our client's projects and their way to success. Each project has its own history and its own approach! We advise you to be inspired by such growth!

Sales growth boosted by FullSEO

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Yana Shafarenko
May 12, 2016

— Semalt has become the one stop solution for us for all our SEO related needs. As a small business organization we did not find a trusted SEO company which could help us achieve our goals in a tight budget. We did waste a lot of money here and there but all our troubles came to end after I had used the SEO services from Semalt.

We started with AutoSEO which worked really well and within 2 months we upgraded to FullSEO. Now with the help of SEMALT we as a small business are able to compete with big market players.

All credit goes to SEMALT.

They provide the perfect balance between affordability and uncompromised quality that aims to bring their customers the results they expect and even more.

The way to Google TOP for energy company

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Yana Shafarenko
Jul 21, 2016 -- the official website of the Custom Energy Solutions company, specialized in consulting small and medium enterprises on cutting down energy expenses in the city of Edison, NJ, USA.

After several laws prohibiting utility companies’ monopoly were approved in the USA, the competition in the energy supply field has grown. The strife for consumers accelerated the appearance of many private companies, which provide custom energy solutions for business. Because gas and electricity bills from various suppliers turned out to be very costly for the consumers, they realized the importance of finding ways to save on the energy consumption and the need for energy-saving consultants like

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